The Fire Service Inspectorate (FSI) requested PSV Glass to facilitate a demonstration of the timed breaking into laminated body sideglass to enable them to assess hazards and problems that could be encountered in an emergency evacuation incident. 
Laminated bodyglass has been used in new trains built since privatisation to provide containment of passengers in the event of an accident. It was these windows that the FSI needed to ensure that they could access from the outside. Samples of each of the glass construction types, as used in all new trains, were prepared for the test by PSV Glass. 
Representatives from the principal ROSCOs and TESCOs and from HMRI, RSSB, and Network Rail witnessed a practical demonstration by the FSI breaking into each of the sample windows using their tools and equipment, at the PSV Glass workshops in High Wycombe. 
Recommendations and a DVD of the demonstration were circulated to Fire Brigades throughout the UK. 
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